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THE SHOWER SLUT – Femdom Story 5 (2) The tone of a soft feminine moan accompanied by a sharp vibration signaled that his Mistress had summoned him once more. Immediately, William stiffened uncomfortably within the confines of his cock cage, even before opening Her text. It was enough that She had thought of him, had need of him.

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Labels: erotic, fantasy, gas, video. 4 comments: Anonymous Tuesday, 11 February 2014 at 23:41:00 UTC. In 1986, I had a medical oxygen company make a 'calibration cylinder' for me which was 60% N2O and 40% O2. Little did I realize I had nearly invented Entonox. Four years later, I took the idea with me to college when I studied respiratory care ...

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If you fail, your execution will be the most horrible… You are lying on a harsh bed in your little cell in the middle of the night. You are wearing a soiled prison jumpsuit and filth orange parka. Your wrists and ankles are secured to a punishment belt, and there is a ring gag in your mouth. You are hopelessly awaiting execution.

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Erotic literature comprises fictional and factual stories and accounts of human sexual relationships with the intention to arouse the reader sexually. A common feature of the genre is sexual fantasies on such themes as prostitution, orgies, homosexuality, sadomasochism, and many other taboo subjects and fetishes, which may or may not be ...

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My Aunt Cindy was cool, and very . The oldest daughter, she was the best looking of the three sisters, including my mom. Tall, dark hair, a great smile, long legs, always tan with a smattering of freckles. She had firm-looking "B" cup tits and a nice ass. Smart too, she was the first in. Read more →.

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STORIES. Here are some fictional tales of ladies doing dirty deeds. (Most stories are typically cut off after the "scenes." Click on authors for full stories if they are still on-line.) HANGING: Aitz Bodade The Innocent Prisoner (Sarita the Hangwoman) Misplaced Revenge Homecoming Gallows Dance Ebon Robes It Runs in the Family Stupid Hangwoman ...

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Stories, Erotic Novels A – Z; Search for: Playboy Hardboy. Calvin was at the playboy mansion talking to Pamela Anderson when she felt a tingle in her pants. It was her cell phone. She answered the phone and told Calvin she would be right back. Calvin decided to head down to …

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Erotic. The masseuse. As his fingers pressed firmly into her lower spine, she flinched a little as a small stab of pain shot through her lower back, but almost immediately the pain was replaced by a nice soothing warm sensation that seemed to radiate all around the painful area!!!... Erotic. friday.

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Story Archive Jenny Wanshel Stories: The Phoenix Page C.D.E. Cuckold Stories Wife Watcher Stories Hypno-Celebs by MAW Heatheranne's Stories Annie's Dad by Aprille Gold Leader Erotic Celebrity Stories: SFMaster's Bondage Stories David Shaw Stories Pam Bennett Erotica Fertile Valley by Jim Davis Six Times A Day by SpacerX AB-2008's Dirty Stories - New Erotic Stories

New free erotic stories added to Literotica in the last few days. index: New Stories: New Stories (Stories submitted in the last 7 days.) Best Buddies Ch. 09 - The boys risk getting caught at the gym and go CFNM at a park.

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Thank you. With the help of 3D Arts and Computer Graphics, I can create a world of people and erotic fantasies. A world where there are babes in skimpy underwear fighting hunky muscle men and other . Where cuddling and caressing between beautiful bodies are beholden. Welcome to my fantasy world.

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01 Jun 2020 In reality that horse pulling away so fast would probably have a similar effect to a long drop hanging, breaking her neck and killing her instantly or the force of the fall combined with lateral movement would anyway tighten the noose hard enough to …

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Story: Closed Pier DeathTales. 2 Replies • 140 Views • 10 Jan 2021. Story: Corn Maze DeathTales. 1 Replies • 98 Views • 10 Jan 2021. Stoey: Ball Drop DeathTales. 0 Replies • 433 Views • 19 Nov 2020. Story: Pain Party - Sarah's End DeathTales. 0 Replies • 132 Views • 12 Nov 2020. Story: LARPing DeathTales.

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The following work is an expansion to my 2014 story "Fashion Faux Pas" and was commissioned by fellow author Jon Smithie ("Slavery 101", "Mina Berkeley's Voyage"), whose frequent input to its creation is highly appreciated (as is his patience). Wardrobe Fail. Did that sick lady actually believe she was into this?! All blood had drained from Lorena's face, her stomach been ...

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Finally making it to the seat, Sarah's vision blurred due to her leg throbbing in pain, the tears coming down her eyes, and the adrenaline rush. Her executioner promptly strapped a metal clamp around her neck, and strapped down her arms. After reading Sarah's sentence to her once again, the executioner carried on Sarah's sentence at 10:15am.

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Ruth Ellis (9 October 1926 – 13 July 1955), née Neilson, was the last woman to be executed in the United Kingdom. She was convicted of the murder of her lover, David Blakely, and hanged at Holloway Prison, London, by Albert Pierrepoint. Biography.

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Jun 12, 2021· Erotic The masseuse As his fingers pressed firmly into her lower spine, she flinched a little as a small stab of pain shot through her lower back, but almost immediately the pain was replaced by a nice soothing warm sensation that seemed to radiate all around the painful area!!!...

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The Execution. The crowds gathered early for the execution. Small children darted in and out of clumps of people, playing Tag and Kick the Can and those other perennial childhood games that will never die. They ran and laughed, enjoying Life, until their mothers called them back to huddle behind skirts and bags and weary legs.

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1877 times. 18 Sep 2020. 06:20. Hairy mother shows off in front of her employee, cum on ass. 62 times. 13 Jun 2021. 11:09. Real German Redhead Hooker Bareback Fuck and …

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Kelli Paine Stories. Bed and Breakfast Part 1 ( mF mf nc inc) 18 Jan 2003. Bed and Breakfast Part 2 ( MMMMMF anal humil incest nc rape snuff torture ) 16 Jun 2007 *. Bed and Breakfast Part 3 ( MMMMMF MMMMMf Mg bg anal humil incest nc preg rape snuff torture) 19 May 2009 *. Bed and Breakfast Part 4 ( bF bg nc inc rape)

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His Sister's Eyes 2. June 7, 2012. June 7, 2012. "Hi" She'd sensed that I was awake, even at the very second I opened my eyes, "You slept like a […] Incest Princess Dany Stories.

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Married man tries to hire his lover's wife for divorce. Wives in an apartment building get a rent discount! A man is betrayed by his wife and family. I was so glad I had a divorce. The story ends. Megan struggles to disclose her pregnancy. and other exciting erotic stories at!


is artistic and a part of the good life. That is also the reason why I have included art and music in many of my erotic stories. I have also tried to dive into many genres and styles. You will find erotic sci-fi, erotic fantasy, erotic drama, erotic music, erotic sword and sorcery, erotic romance, erotic wit and, okay, for the sake of it.

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A Hanging game. When she entered the prison she was fascinated by their dance due to the wind. They were in the middle of the place with the prison building around. Their view was fascinating and she had difficulties to fix her eyes somewhere else. Of course, it was not a true prison, but just the building of an old prison that had been turned ...